Install a 1st line customer service center and a 2nd performant line per region and per service

  • Deadline July 2014
  • Owner Manager Internal Communication + Head of IT
  • Indicator Working or not

About this goal

Our new customer service structure has proven itself to be indispensable for the implementation of digital match sheets. Over 18.000 questions of people in the football world were processed.

Bob Madou, Business Director

Belgianfootball Admin

Zendesk: 18.000 tickets processed

Over 18.000 tickets were successfully processed through Zendesk; a great result to celebrate its first year into use.

Belgianfootball Admin

Zendesk operations

Thanks to a patnership with Zendesk, it is now easier to centralize requests and questions from our clients. The ticketing system sets priorities and allocates the incoming requests to the authorized staff members.