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About this goal

We are to shift our focus to the ‘club referee’ project. Together with our clubs we’ll find a way to recruit more referees.

Paul Allaerts, Sports Director

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Ella De Vries, 1st Belgian referee at a female World Cup

Our Red Flames do not participate in the World Cup, but Belgium is still represented by the assistant referee Ella De Vries.
This is a first, as no other Belgian referee has ever been active in the World Cup for A-teams to this day.

More information here (French) and here (Dutch)

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Women's refereeing seminar

A seminar on women's refereeing took place in Liège on 8 and 9 May 2015.

This past season has been analyzed and next season's targets have been established based on those observations. Besides the technical sessions, training sessions and injury prevention, the female referees did an observation and a common analysis of the championship game Standard-PSV. The international female referees are preparing themselves for the upcoming FIFA-test and for other tournaments, including Ella De Vries who will take part to the World Cup in Canada.

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Referee Ambassador: highlighting the concept

In order to stop the decline in the number of active referees, the Belgian FA has created the role of 'Referee Ambassador'.

The main tasks of a Referee Ambassador are:

  • welcoming referees
  • recruiting club referees among players of the club
  • creating a positive climate for referees
  • detecting promising referees

The Referee Department explains us in this video the tasks of the Referee Ambassador (in Dutch, subtitled in French)

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Professionalisation of Belgian referees

In 2014 the RBFA professionalized the referees. A winter training, the concept of Referee Days and Referee Ambassadors will help our referees get better at the job.

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Uniform regional training for referees

On Monday, June 2, 2014, the Referee Department of the Belgian FA has launched a new project dedicated to regional training of our referees.

Click here (French) or here (Dutch) for more information

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Closing season event

On Tuesday June 2, the 2013-2014 season ended with style. After a careful evaluation of the play-offs based on statistics and videos, the participating referees attended an introduction to Foot Golf. This relaxing group activity ended with a barbecue.

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KAA Gent supports the Referee Ambassador project

On the occasion of a press conference at the Ghelamco Arena, KAA Gent kicked off its "Referee" project. The Buffalos will now work with two Referee Ambassadors who will take care of recruitment and coaching of young referees for youth matches.

Click here (French) or here (Dutch) for more information

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Promising Referee Day 26/04/2014

On April 26, the referees promoted to Higher Divisions from all provinces were invited to the Sports Technical Centre in Tubize. They followed an integrated training and collaborative exercises between referees and assistant referees. During the afternoon, they participated in technical sessions and a briefing on the program to fully prepare themselves for the transition to National Football.

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The RBFA professionalises refereeing

As of season 2014-2015, the current Central Commission of Referees, whose skills range from paid to amateur football in D3 and D4 football, will be replaced by the Referee Office of the Belgian FA, which reports directly to the Sports Department of the Federation.

Click here (French) or here (Dutch) for more information

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Referee Day 5

On Thursday, March 27, the referees and their assistants were prepared for the end of the competition. All activities were targeted at the Play-Offs: simulations of game situations and technical instructions given by Frank De Bleeckere and Kris Bellon (based on videos). In a technical session, Kris Van der Haegen gave indications on the game system of the clubs during the Play-Offs.

In addition to the weekly training and assessment in Tubize, a first global evaluation will take place on April 24 in Leuven as well as preparation for closing matches.

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More than 200 clubs represented at the Referee Ambassador Day

During the Referee Ambassador Day, the Referee department of the Royal Belgian Football Association gave more information on the concept of "referee ambassador" (more info here or here)

With over 400 attendees from 212 guest clubs of West Flanders, the Referee Ambassador Day was a success. Moreover, it is noteworthy that Referee Ambassador Days will also be held soon in other provinces.

Number of referees - update 25/02/2014


The current number of referee (all provinces combined) is 5.833.
About 4.200 official matches take place each week.

The number of Futsal referees is 536.

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Winter training for referees: efforts and relaxation!

For the first time, assistant referees and talented referees from the "Development Group" participate at the traditional winter training for elite referees in Knokke. The referees are getting intensive training sessions, combined with group sessions, technical sessions given by e.g. Hugh Dallas (UEFA) and individual interviews.

The focus is also put on team building
. Don't forget to relax!

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Promising Referee Day for talented referees

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Referees gathered at the ING Open Referee Day

The ING Open Referee Day was the occasion for the media to witness a training of our elite referees. Program of the day: special physical training with offsides decision making and instantaneous feedback on screen, technical session based on footage of previous games, positioning session and exposé of Doctor Gino Devriendt on sports nutrition for the referee. Frank De Bleeckere walks us through the day in the following video.

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