Increasing number of socially active clubs from D2 to P4

  • Deadline July 2014
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About this goal

Football should continue to build bridges between people, with no exceptions or limitations. The Football+ Foundation puts a lot of work in socially committed clubs, aware of their impact on society.

Jean-Claude Van Rode, President Football+ Foundation

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FC Horion and Verbroedering Beersel Drogenbos win the very first +Awards Project of the Year

Two clubs have won the +Award Project of the Year for the social actions they have undertaken this season: Verbroedering Beersel Drogenbos (VFV) and FC Horion (ACFF)

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Pelter Duvels goes for charityto put

The1895-fanclub “Pelter Duvels” from Overpelt deserves way more than a '+' ! During the World Cup, the “Oude Markt” place in Overpelt has been renamed “Brazipelt” due to the gigantic festivities held during our Belgian Red Devils' games which were broadcasted on big screens. The organization of Pelter Duvels made 29.300 EUR and this Overpelt enthusiastic club has decided to put this money to good use. They gave the money to three different causes:

  • Palliovik , an npo providing palliative care at home to suffering children.
  • St-Vincentius, an association helping people in distress
  • Palmas para todos, an npo gathering funds for various teaching-, educational and health projects in Brazil.

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Voetbalfederatie Vlaanderen wins Panathlon Stipendium 2014

A reward for choosing a to fully invest in sports ethics for youth.

During the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Declaration of Panathlon in Ghent last Saturday, the Voetbalfederatie Vlaanderen won Panathlon Stipendium 2014. By awarding this prize, Panathlon honors the VFV and Flemish amateur football for its precious project dedicated to ethics in youth sport.

The Secretary-General Benny Mazur: "We are honored and proud to have achieved this distinction. This is the result of a team and a well thought out choice to focus totally on the Panathlon Declaration within the youth football in Flanders. "

10 years of Panathlon Declaration

All children have the right to practice a sport, have fun and play, to live in a healthy environment and to benefit from decent treatment. This is what the Declaration of Panathlon emphasizes on ethics in youth sport. After 10 years, the message is more relevant than ever, and a guideline for a youth policy tailored for children.

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Plan Belgium - Belgian Red Flames

The Belgian Red Flames support Plan Belgium, a non-profit association with women’s football related projects in South America, Asia and Africa.
“Football makes girls stronger, more confident and determined” says Heleen Jaques, captain of the Red Flames. Watch the video here.

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The Red Devils and the Belgian FA support Eyes for the World

On the occasion of the World Cup in Brazil, the Belgian FA and the Red Devils supported Belgian non-profit association Eyes for the World.
The project offers 1.000 children in Brazil better sight, and a brighter future, through self-correcting glasses, to help prevent learning disabilities.

Update 18/03/2014


There are 50 socially active clubs so far from D2 to P4.

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Patro Eisden: 50th +club of the Football+ Foundation

Patro Eisden Maasmechelen is now the 50th football club to have its own +logo. This +logo allows the club to show a recognisable identity for all its communication around social activities. By this, Patro Eisden Maasmechelen is also answering the call of the Football+ Foundation who encourages clubs to go beyond the borders of football fields.

Click here (French) or here (Dutch) for more information.

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Annual Report 2013

On the occasion of its first complete year of work, the Football + Foundation has succeeded in giving an identity to the many social initiatives organised by the football clubs in Belgium: the "+" stands now for football and society.
By examining this annual report, it is clear that the Football+Foundation has laid a solid work base in 2013. Here are the main topcis of 2014 plan: pluriannual political plans in 16 Pro League clubs, the expansion of a customised social club support for lower divisions clubs, development of the "+ awards" and adding a social dimension to the World Cup in Brazil.
Click here to see the full report (French version)
Click here to the the full report (Dutch version)

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33 socially active clubs

The increase in the number of socially active clubs in the lower leagues in 2013 was one of the priorities of the Football+ Foundation. We are pleased to observe that 33 clubs from D2 to P4 have followed the movement. Last year, they all joined the "+" state of mind and have been active as socially engaged football clubs. The search for blood donors, road safety actions, language lessons for young foreign players, etc are only a few examples of the interesting initiatives that have been taken by the 33 + clubs last year.

Update 21/02/2014


There are 33 socially active clubs so far from D2 to P4.

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Kraainem FC starts Football Academy : a mix between football and languages

During Easter holidays (from 7 to 11 April), the Kraainem Football Academy offers a one-week training to 8-16 years old where they will be taught Dutch by certified teachers and football by graduated coaches .

With 300 young football players from 40 different countries, the club is based on a very strong sense of multiculturalism. This Academy is the first to be organized by an amateur club in Belgium.

More info here
(French) or here (Dutch)

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Handover for action on road safety between SK Berlare and Tempo Overijse

During the match Tempo Overijse - SK Berlare, Berlare passed the torch of the action around road safety to Overijse. This action has been very successful in previous years in Berlare, thanks to e.g. the investment of football clubs SK Berlare and SKV Overmere. Forza Tempo, the community cell of Tempo Overijse, takes over the action and this was officially celebrated.

Football clubs who share succesful social actions: a + for football and society!

Click here for more information (link in Dutch)

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The project proposal from the National Lottery stimulates football as social lever

With the project proposal from the National Lottery , the function of social leverage to which football and football clubs contribute is implemented . The Football+ Foundation and the National Lottery want to support and strengthen existing initiatives and new +clubs . These +clubs are seeking social added value in collaboration with local partners. The emphasis is on initiatives affecting young, which stimulates the involvement of supporters and increases the football experience for everybody.

Pro League: OH Leuven, KV Mechelen (Mechelse Hattrick), Waasland- Beveren, KAA Gent, Standard Liege, Genk, K Lierse SK, Sporting Charleroi, Club Brugge, Cercle Brugge, KV Oostende, KV Kortrijk and Sporting Lokeren
National Football League: Royal Antwerp FC , KSV Roeselare and KVC Westerlo
Other divisions: Kraainem CF Racing Mechelen ( Mechelse Hattrick ) , VC Linkeroever , SK Sint- Niklaas , KVK Westhoek Tempo Overijse , KV Turnhout and Berchem Sport

More information here (French) and here (Dutch)

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Gay or straight, it does not come into play!

The Flemish Minister for Equal Opportunities Pascal Smet presented his action plan against homophobia on Wednesday, December 11 at the headquarters of the Belgian FA. A new action plan has been developed with initiatives to more openness and tolerance towards homosexuals. Our Federal President François De Keersmaecker also attended the presentation of the action plan. Different points of the action plan are part of the struggle against homophobia because we are convinced that football should be fun for everyone.

More info here (French) or here (Dutch)

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Football+ Foundation celebrates one-year anniversary

The Football+ Foundation offers a unique collaboration between different football institutions. The Foundation is now also a member of the board and more than ever the social  pillar of Belgian football.

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