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Operational goals | To increase the number of actively playing girls to 35.000

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Huge success for the Live Your Goals Footfestival 2016 !

On Sunday 7th August, nearly 200 young girls (5 to 16 year old) took part in the national Live Your Goals Footfestival at the Belgian Football Center in Tubize. This is the biggest Footfestival of the country !

The Belgian Red Flames were also present and did an open training in the moring in front of this young audience, who experienced a unique moment by enjoying the technical skills of our Red Flames. During the afternoon, the girls participated in a serie of exercices and other fun football games, with the help of a few tips & tricks given by the Red Flames !

Strategic goals | To improve FIFA ranking of our national A teams (M&F) and futsal A team.

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Belgian Red Devils: first place on the FIFA ranking!

In the month of June, our Red Devils had reached the second place in the FIFA ranking for the first time. This record has been beaten this month: our national A team is on top of the ranking for the very first time in Belgian football history.

Belgium is the 8th nation to take the first place in the FIFA ranking. Our Red Devils join a very limited group of countries amonst : Germany, Brasil, Italy, France, Argentina, Spain and the Netherlands.

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Strategic goals | To develop 5 stadiums including a multifunctional national stadium

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AFAS Stadion, the renovated stadium of Mechelen

KV Mechelen presented on May 11, 2015, the new name of its renovated stadium: the AFAS Stadion. 'Malinwa' began this summer the first phase of renovation of the stadium. In August, the first new permanent stand (with standing and sitting zones) will be erected.

UPDATE 13/08/15: The first seats have been installed in the new stand.

Strategic goals | To develop 5 stadiums including a multifunctional national stadium

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The Albertpark of KV Oostende will be entitled to a full renovation

After the season 2015-2016, KV Oostende's stadium will be thoroughly renovated. The whole stadium will be completed by the end of 2017. The first phase will start with the reconstruction of the main stand. This new stand will now have 3.700 seats.

Strategic goals | A qualified coach for every team

Coaching school - Basic training


Here are the basic trainings given at the coaching school during 2014-2015.


  • Initiator – C License: 468 passed (Jan – May 2014) + 698 passed (Sept – Dec 2014)
  • Instructor B – B License: 1029 attendees (Jan – May 2015)
  • PROFS -  Trainer A – License Elite Youth: 27 passed (Sept 2014 – Jan 2015)
  • Trainer A – A License Elite Youth: 81 attendees (Sept – May)
  • Trainer A – A License Seniors: 75 attendees (Sept – May)
  • UEFA A seniors reached in June 2014: 83 passed (course Sep 2013- June 2014)
No training has been organized for Trainer B – UEFA B yet.

  • C License: 492 attendees (19 centres)
  • B License: 301 (17 centres)
  • A License: 54
  • A License Elite Youth: 39
  • UEFA B Ex Int.: 3
ACFF launched for the first time its own Training A Elite Youth, organized these last few years by the VFV.
A UEFA A training is also planned during March 2015.

Strategic goals | To develop 5 stadiums including a multifunctional national stadium

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Application EURO 2020: a new national stadium

In close collaboration with the City of Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region, the RBFA has submitted its application to UEFA in order for Brussels to become one of the host cities of the European Football Championship in 2020

The Belgian FA and Brussels want four matches including the opening match to be played in Belgium, in a brand new national stadium at the current parking lot C of the Heysel.

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Strategic goals | To develop 5 stadiums including a multifunctional national stadium

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8 millions euro Flemish subsidies for Belgian stadiums

Seven footballclubs from first division will receive 8 million euro subsidies from the Flemish Government for the construction or renovation of their stadium.

KAA Gent and Club Brugge each receive 2.5 million euro.
Zulte Waregem and KV Mechelen will receive € 750,000 each for the renewal of their current stadium. OH Leuven (€ 673 800), Ostend (630 500) and KRC Genk (€ 195,700) will also receive a grant to work on the infrastructure of their stadium.

Operational goals | N.F.C. Tubize Phase 2 ready and operational

Update 19/03/2014 - Work progress


Here the status of work at CNF Tubize:
  • Auditorium: 10%
  • Hotel: 10%
  • Restaurant: 80%
  • Changing rooms: 70%
The construction of the auditorium and the hotel has not yet begun. The clubhouse is now operational and managed.

Operational goals | Increase the number of referees

Number of referees - update 25/02/2014


The current number of referee (all provinces combined) is 5.833.
About 4.200 official matches take place each week.

The number of Futsal referees is 536.