Successful European Championship Futsal 2014

  • Deadline July 2014
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  • Indicator Delivering and organization Futsal EK 2014 + Good UEFA report

About this goal

The Futsal Euro is an important tournament for the futsal sport in Belgium, and it’s a great opportunity for us to be hosting the event in Antwerp. As Belgian Football, we’re going for a smooth but solid organization of the event. Current employees can use there know how to our advantage and others are given the chance to gain experience and then use that in their everyday work.

Filip Van Doorslaer, Marketing & Events Director

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A successful championship

The UEFA Futsal EURO 2014 was a great success. Beyond the sporting aspect, this succes owes a lot to the overall organization of the event. The Belgian FA would like to thank all coworkers and volunteers who answered the call.

Rediscover the UEFA Futsal EURO in this video and take a look behind the scenes.

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Satisfaction survey Futsal EURO

During the UEFA Futsal EURO, a satisfaction survey has been conducted among the spectators. 680 people responded to these questions.

Here are some interesting facts:

47% have NEVER been to a Futsal game before the Futsal EURO
60% thought the organization of the event was VERY GOOD (no negative response)
62% would recommend to relatives to attend such an event

Based on these data, it is safe to conclude that the UEFA Futsal EURO 2014 was a great success and that it was a perfect showcase for Futsal in Belgium.

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European press: UEFA Futsal EURO Belgium closes with broken records

"UEFA closed its most successful Futsal EUROs to date". Those are the first words of the laudatory article published by The site provides a comprehensive report of the event.
Here are some interesting figures:
  • Up to 12,000 spectators (final Sportpaleis)
  •  90,000 viewers
  • 20 matches
  • 121 goals
Click here for the full report

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Tramway UEFA Futsal EURO 2014

A tram has been redecorated in the colors of the UEFA Futsal EURO 2014 to promote the event through the city of Antwerp.

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Futsal clubs prepare for Futsal EURO

The Euro is a very important event for Futsal clubs. It goes without saying that the tournament will give a boost to the discipline of Futsal. Club officers got all the details about the tournament during a promotional event specially organized for this purpose.

Click here (French) or here (Dutch) for more information

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Result of the draw for the Futsal Euro 2014

The official Futsal Euro 2014 group stage draw was organized 4 October in Antwerp. Belgium is in the same group as Ukraine and Romania.