To increase the number of actively playing girls to 35.000

  • Deadline June 2016
  • Indicator Number of girls registred in an official belgian football club

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Footfest Camps: an event dedicated exclusively to girls

In the context of FIFA's Live Your Goal project, the ACFF and the VFV (the French and Flemish wings of the RBFA) are hosting football camps exclusively for girls across the country.

More information about the Footfest Camps here (Dutch) and here (French)

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More women playing football

ACFF organized Footfests to get more girls to play football, so the girls competition can grow and the national Red Flames have top players.
The VFV also took intiative to attract more girls: Footfestivals, the first edition of the Cécémel Yought Cup, the centralization of top football education at Leuven...

All these initiatives across the country got the number of girls playing football up to 24.740.

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The Women's Football Academy (Leuven) becomes the place to be for the future Red Flames

As from academic year 2014 - 2015, the orientation of the top-level football for girls will be centralised within the Women's Football Academy in Leuven. The best girls from the national teams will be motivated to follow the direction of top-level football in Leuven. It offers six to seven hours of training in the additional second and third degree. Girls who follow the top-level sport in Leuven will complete a total of up to 400 hours of training per year, in combination with training at the club. With this centralisation, girls can combine high-level football and studies in optimal conditions.

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VFV-roadmap for Footfestivals

The past 18 months, the VFV has organized a number of Footfestivals -exclusively for girls- in cooperation with some enthusiastic clubs. For a while now, clubs have started taking the initiative and have been organizing the girls festivals on their own, with light support from the Federation. To encourage even more clubs to do the same, the VFV has put together a roadmap. Light support from VFV consists of promotional materials such as posters and flyers, and the use of the Footfestival logo and styleguide. Find out more here (brochure only available in Dutch). 

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Women’s Football members increase to 24.740

Late September, the RBFA has reached a new record of female members: 24.740. By the end of last season, in May 2014, 23.000 girls and women were affiliated. In just four months, a new record is set. 

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FIFA Goal Project to benefit women’s football

Belgium will become the second country after Australia to benefit from a Goal project that is completely dedicated to a women’s football development programme. All developments within the project will be reported on

Click here (FR) or here (NL) for more information.

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VFV: Women's Youth Cup for U13 and U16

The interprovincial final of the first Cécémel Jeugdcup (Women's Youth Cup) took place on May 11. For the first time, girls were allowed to play 8v8. Nearly 50 clubs U13 and U16 participated in this tournament.

Click here for more information (link in Dutch)

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ACFF: Footfestival in Anderlues

On April 17, Footfestival stopped in Anderlues (Hainaut) for a new edition wich has gathered over 45 girls.

Discover the account of the day on video, narrated by Xavier Donnay - Manager of Grassroots ACFF (video FullTV)

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More than 100 girls present at Footfestival Haacht

The Footfestival in Haacht (March 26) was a big success. Over 100 girls have benefited from a full day focused on football. The Footfestivals are the opportunity for girls (footballers or not) to get acquainted with our favorite sport.

More information on (link in Dutch)

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BeNe League - marketing & communication project

The Belgian FA has launched a new project  with the BeNe League clubs to offer its support for there marketing & communication development. A communication plan with short-term goals has been set up. Lierse is the first club to have achieved all its objectives, e.g:

- Social media training for the players,
- Defining the club's identity with the players and staf,
- Introducing management to the use of social media,
- Development of certain content formats
- Creation of an official branding for the club.

A business club has also been created. At the opening night, Bob Madou (Belgian FA Business Director) came to speak of modern sports marketing.

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Belgian Red Flames - a few figures

The Flames have gathered many supporters during their last matches. Here are a few examples:

  • Belgium - Albania (21/09/2013): around 1.600 people came to see the match which was played in the King Baudouin Stadium.
  • Belgium - Portugal (31/10/2013): 1.400 supporters were present for this match at "Kiel" stadium in Antwerp.
  • Netherlands - Belgium (12/02/2014): thanks to an action launched by the Red Flames, no less than 450 flaming supporters made the trip by bus from all over the country to encourage our players in Zwolle. The outcome: a whole stand filled with Belgian supporters.

Number of actively playing girls - update


The actual number of female players is 23.454

Football: 22.973
Futsal: 481

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Footfestival in Mouscron

73 girls from 5 tot 15 years old were present at the Footfestival who took place in Mouscron and where they could participate to several technical and entertaining workshops.

This beautiful display has proved once again that football is not only a sport for boys.

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BeNe League officially active on social media

The BeNe League (transnational female competition between Belgium and the Netherlands) is now officially available on Twitter and Facebook. The BeNe League's latest news could already be consulted on and is now also available on social media.

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Footfestival in Braine l'Alleud

Nearly 90 young players took part in "Footfestival", the promotional day for women's football wich took place at the Gaston Reiff Stadium in Braine l'Alleud.
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