To increase the number of football actors undertaking and communicating social action to 150

  • Deadline January 2016
  • Indicator Actors undertaking/communicating social actions

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FC Horion and Verbroedering Beersel Drogenbos win the very first +Awards Project of the Year

Two clubs have won the +Award Project of the Year for the social actions they have undertaken this season: Verbroedering Beersel Drogenbos (VFV) and FC Horion (ACFF)

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1.000 Eyes for the World glasses for Brazil

During the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, the Belgian Red Devils and the Royal Belgian Football Association have engaged themselves for the local population.
In the tree cities where the Red Devils have played their World Cup games, school related projects have been started to give poor children the right to see.
For this project the Football+ Foundation, RBFA’s social organisation, cooperates with the ‘Eyes For the World’, found in Belgium. The mission consist of donating the promised glassed to Brazil and started the 8th of June in Mogi das Cruz, where our Red Devils were based during last year’s World Cup, and ends the 17th of July in Rio De Janeiro. Eyes will be tested and hundred children will receive a self correcting glasses.
In Belo Horizonte, some projects will be visited in the favela’s and in the well known eyes hospital Hilton Rocha, self correcting glasses will be donated. In Rio De Janeiro, four school projects will be visited where the children cannot afford to buy glassed themselves.
With this project, Eyes For the World proves that glasses of 20 € can make a huge difference for children and adults having a bad vision. Because everybody has the right to see and to have a better future !
More information on

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750+ football stakeholders have participated to the workshop 'Football vs. Homophobia 1-0'

The implementation of the lesbigay action plan is on good tracks. Saturday, May 9, the security officials of Belgian football were invited to the workshop 'Football vs. Homophobia: 1-0 ' held by the Football + Foundation. The security officials were well aware of lesbigay action plan that was implemented this season.

To date, more than 750 football stakeholders (players, coaches, administrators, parents, stewards ...) have participated to this workshop! They opened the debate to the lesbigay sexuality in football and gave their opinion on the different theories related to this topic.

More info here (French) or here (Dutch)

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Pelter Duvels goes for charityto put

The1895-fanclub “Pelter Duvels” from Overpelt deserves way more than a '+' ! During the World Cup, the “Oude Markt” place in Overpelt has been renamed “Brazipelt” due to the gigantic festivities held during our Belgian Red Devils' games which were broadcasted on big screens. The organization of Pelter Duvels made 29.300 EUR and this Overpelt enthusiastic club has decided to put this money to good use. They gave the money to three different causes:

  • Palliovik , an npo providing palliative care at home to suffering children.
  • St-Vincentius, an association helping people in distress
  • Palmas para todos, an npo gathering funds for various teaching-, educational and health projects in Brazil.

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Football Kick-Off 2014 - record edition with 54 teams

At its 5th edition, the Football Kick-Off allowed 54 Belgian disabilty football teams to participate in a special tournament. With the presence of famous coaches, players and referees, the joy of playing in the official equipment, ... participants have had an unforgettable day by bringing disability football and regular football closer together.

Click here (French) or here (Dutch) for more information

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Road to France - #tousensemble, for people with disabilities as well

The Belgian Football Association extends its collaboration with the ASA - Intro association and continues to focus on making the King Baudouin Stadium accessible.

The Intro association is the organisation that makes football games accessible to people with disabilities. Intro gives its support to the Belgian FA to make the King Baudouin Stadium is accessible to wheelchair users. ASA supports people with visual limitations.

Click here (French) or here (Dutch) for more information

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Voetbalfederatie Vlaanderen wins Panathlon Stipendium 2014

A reward for choosing a to fully invest in sports ethics for youth.

During the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Declaration of Panathlon in Ghent last Saturday, the Voetbalfederatie Vlaanderen won Panathlon Stipendium 2014. By awarding this prize, Panathlon honors the VFV and Flemish amateur football for its precious project dedicated to ethics in youth sport.

The Secretary-General Benny Mazur: "We are honored and proud to have achieved this distinction. This is the result of a team and a well thought out choice to focus totally on the Panathlon Declaration within the youth football in Flanders. "

10 years of Panathlon Declaration

All children have the right to practice a sport, have fun and play, to live in a healthy environment and to benefit from decent treatment. This is what the Declaration of Panathlon emphasizes on ethics in youth sport. After 10 years, the message is more relevant than ever, and a guideline for a youth policy tailored for children.

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Plan Belgium - Belgian Red Flames

The Belgian Red Flames support Plan Belgium, a non-profit association with women’s football related projects in South America, Asia and Africa.
“Football makes girls stronger, more confident and determined” says Heleen Jaques, captain of the Red Flames. Watch the video here.

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The Red Devils and the Belgian FA support Eyes for the World

On the occasion of the World Cup in Brazil, the Belgian FA and the Red Devils supported Belgian non-profit association Eyes for the World.
The project offers 1.000 children in Brazil better sight, and a brighter future, through self-correcting glasses, to help prevent learning disabilities.