Overall HR Policy with evaluation and rewarding strategy within a new corporate culture + work and wellbeing

  • Deadline January 2014
  • Owner HR Director
  • Indicator Evaluation and rewarding, training, work and wellbeing, integration values

About this goal

Further professionalization and optimization for the HR department is key, with a unified and modern staff policy as our goal.

Jan Pauwels, HR Manager

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Staff Day in Durbuy Adventure

September 24, 2014, all the coworkers of the Belgian FA met for a day of relaxation in Durbuy Adventure. Various team-building activities (kayaking, caving, team games, ...) were the program to strengthen the relationships between the employees of the Federation.

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Staff day @ Living Tomorrow

During this new Staff Day, the year 2013 has been reviewed in the presence of all our coworkers in the facilities of Living Tomorrow (House of the Future) followed by a guided tour in a unique setting.

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Meet & Greet with the Belgian Red Devils

After the qualification for the World Cup 2014, a "meet & greet" event has been arranged with the Belgian Red Devils and the employees of the Belgian FA to celebrate the occasion together. It was also the opportunity for all the co-workers of the RBFA to chat with the team’s players and staff and to get a signed copy of the Official Belgian Red Devils Book.

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Broadcasting of qualification matches at the federal headquarters in Brussel

Two events were organized at the occasion of the Belgian Red Devils' away games against Scotland (09/06/2013) and Croatia (11/10/2013). The staff and their families were invited to the broadcasting of these 2 games on a giant screen in the lobby of the federal headquarters. The qualification of our National A Team was celebrated in music with a private DJ. What a night !

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Staff day

Wednesday 12 June, a staff day was organized at the RBFA offices. The schedule for the day: business review, sports activities and French fries for everyone!

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Personal Development Talks (Annual PDT & Intermediate PDT)

Although it has been a common use in management in the past, we wanted to standardise practices and give everyone a chance to receive regular update on his own professional situation. The APDT & IPDT have been set up in the purpose to assess four specific fields : the person, his work, his development and his professional project.
It allows everyone to have a constructive exchange about the past year and the coming year: a way to keep on progressing and developing professionaly.